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How to stay up to date with SEO: newsletters and more

SEO and digital marketing is an ever-changing game and it is important to stay up to date. Just some of the questions we as SEOs ask ourselves daily are:

  • What impacts have the latest Google algorithm updates had?
  • Are there changes in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP)features?
  • How do I optimise my core web vitals?
  • How to best monitor my competition?
  • How can I utilise structured data?
  • How to write the best content?
  • How to find new ways of generating traffic?
  • How do I get the knowledge graph and sitelinks in the SERPs?
  • And basically every other question that leads to a higher ranking and more organic traffic.

No one knows it all!

No matter how good you are, I don’t think anybody can cover all the vast variety of topics that are needed to be successful by themself. Like one of my professors at university once said, “You don’t need to know it all, but you need to know who to ask.”

We need an expert for every niche of SEO – is a newsletter the solution?

Accepting that we can’t be an expert in every single facet of our industry, we need the opinion of specialists. But how do we find the right one who has the solution?

Scanning through all the information that is published, especially on SEO, is sheer impossible. So we need a filter. Something that just shows us the hot stuff. The new, tips and tricks we can use.

A newsletter that rounds up all the latest from the world of SEO sounds good – right?

It depends (which is the most given answer by SEO for any kind of question).

But before we look at the downside of some SEO newsletters, here are some I can recommend:

SEO Newsletter that are worth reading:

Aleyda Solis: #SEOFOMO

Aleyda Solis has won several awards over the past years and has established herself as one of the most respected experts in the world of SEO. Her weekly newsletter #SEOFOMO is one of the few that doesn’t pitch her own service and delivers useful insights and tools:


Google Developers Newsletter

If you want to know what is happening at Google, what better place to look at their own newsletter? Stay up to date with changes and development and get all the Info directly from the big guys.


Search Engine Land

If you need the daily buzz (and can handle it) of what is happening in Search – Search Engine Land serves you with a daily roundup of the news and stories around SEO and Digital Marketing. A lot (I mean really a lot) of information, provided by some of the big names in our industry.


These are great sources of information to stay on top of what’s going on in the SEO universe.

But for sure, there are far more newsletters out there, some good, while some just try to pitch their products and services.

So it always depends on what you are after and how much time you can invest.

And to be honest, after a long day at looking at and analysing Data from GSC and different tools, creating content and always having an eye on the competition, reading a newsletter can be one of the less-exciting prospects of a day.

Lucky for us there are some other ways to keep a finger on the pulse.

Lighter entertainment to keep up with the news in the SEO world

Yes, as SEO, we like our written content, but sometimes it needs to be easier to digest. Tons of Vlogs, YouTube channels and podcasts are available to fulfil this need.

There is something for everyone and everything. So I will just highlight my two favourites of this abundance of audio and visual information.

Google Search Central on YouTube

Straight from the horse’s mouth. You can watch the Google SEO Office Hours and Google Search News with John Mueller and find lots of other valuable info on this channel.


302 of a kind

Every Friday at 4pm (CET) before we 302 off in the weekend, Marcus Tandler and Izzi Smith round up the week. An entertaining hour with jokes and beers but nevertheless some serious reviews of what is going on in and around the world of SEO. It’s broadcasted live on YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook.

302 of a kind – YouTube

For those who like to listen: podcasts

Podcasts: personally I am not a big fan, as I am very tempted to do something else when there is nothing to do for my eyes and therefore I might miss the interesting part. But there are some that even I  listen to.

Authority Hacker Podcast

SEO nerds chat with peers. The really nice thing about this podcast is, that it features examples and case studies showcasing a lot of practical tips.


With Jason Barnard

What it says on the tin. Podcast with Jason Barnard (aka The brand SERP guy). Discussion with guests (mostly well known in the industry) on SEO and wider digital marketing topics.



Is another SEO podcast I listen to frequently. Host Garrett Sussman discusses everything SEO and digital marketing with his expert guests.

Rankable Podcast – iPullRank

SEO Blogs

Newsletters and the other sources above are a good way to keep up to date with the recent chatter in the SEO community. But for diving deeper into the nitty-gritty of a topic, blogs offer often a more detailed view and analysis.

Most of the above mentioned sources have a blog, but within the myriad of SEO blogs, there a few that I would recommend to have a look at.

First is the blog from Olaf Kopp – https://www.kopp-online-marketing.com/blog. Olaf is well known in the German SEO scene and recently started publishing his content in English – it’s really worth reading.

Go Fish – https://gofishdigital.com/gfd-blog/ – this blog covers a lot topics in digital marketing and publishes content from various experts in the industry. One of them was Bill Slawski, who was the founder of SEO by the Sea, where another good blog can be found – https://www.seobythesea.com/ .

You shouldn’t miss out on reading the blog of Amsive Digital – https://www.amsivedigital.com/insights/ – insights into to the changes in SEO by Lily Ray and her team.


All of the above is just a snapshot of the information I use to stay on top of what going on and changing within search. But it is already a lot to take in and digest.

There are tons and tons more of sources on the web and you will need to filter them for the information that fits your needs.

The best way of staying up to date and expanding your own knowledge is not only to read newsletter, blogs or watch webinars and videos. Follow the experts you trust on social media. See who they are following on Twitter or LinkedIn and watch the discussion on this platforms.

But try not only to be a consumer of information. Participate, ask questions and give your opinion. SEO is ever-evolving and every bit of input makes it better. Build a network and be part of it.

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