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How do I create a mailbox?

To create a new email mailbox: 

  1. Select Manage Hosting
  2. Select Manage for the package you wish to add the mailbox to.
  3. Select Email Accounts - enter the prefix of the mailbox you wish to create and select Create Email Account

A password will automatically be generated for you, but you can change this if needed. You will have immediate access to your webmail account by selecting Options -> Webmail. 

Step by Step Guide: How to create a Mailbox 

The creation of new mailboxes can be performed quickly and easily via the 20i control panel.

To get started you'll want to log into your 20i account and select

 'Manage Hosting' or 'Manage Domains' depending on whether you have a hosting package assigned to your domain or whether the domain is actually with us.

Once you've done so select manage for the domain you wish to create an email account for. After you've done this select email accounts under the email section.

From this point you'll want to enter the name you want your mailbox to have. Once you're happy double-check the correct domain has been selected from the domain drop-down menu and then select 'Create Email Account'.

Once you do so your email account will be created and a password automatically generated for it - which you're more than welcome to change immediately upon generation.

Please note it may take up to 30 minutes to be able to begin receiving mail, however you will be able to send mail immediately and you will also have immediate access to your webmail account.

If you have any questions regarding this or anything else please get in touch with our Support Team we'll be more than happy to help.