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How do I add my own custom products and services?

HostShop is extremely flexible. Not only does it allow you to resell 20i’s hosting products and services easily, but you can also add and bill customers for your own services, such as web design, SEO, themes or advertising.

To set a custom product up, you’ll need to:

In our example we’re going to add web design as a service, for a small website and/or blog.

In the Add Other Products field we’ll type “Web Design” and select Add Other Products.

Before adding a price, we’re going to select Edit Description so we can tell our customers about this service. We’ll type our description and select Save Changes.

Next, by clicking on the plus next to Monthly we're going to add a new payment period and select One-off from the Select Period dropdown. Then we'll input a price of £199.99, then select Save.

Now, when we head to our shop, when a customer selects to view the Additional Products & Services category, they’ll see our web design service as a purchasable product.