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How do I add a Malware Scanning as a product?

At 20i we provide a free, on-demand malware scanner. This is a product that's often charged for by other hosting companies.

With HostShop, you can offer this service to your customers for a price, giving you chance to make 100% mark-up. To set up malware scanning as a product, you’ll need to:

  • Log in to My20i

  • Head to Customers > Product Catalogue

  • Select the Hosting Services tab

  • Scroll down to Add-On Products section.

Select the Add Add-on Product dropdown menu and choose Malware Scanning.

As malware scanning comes at no extra cost to you as a Reseller, you can price the service at any price you think is suitable. In our example, we’re going to add a monthly price of £4.99.

Add Malware Scanning as an Add-On Product

Now, when you head to your shop you’ll be able to go to the Client Area and see Order Malware Scanning as an option.

Customers can then select this and purchase it straight from your shop.