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How do I add a MSSQL database as a product?

If you provide Windows hosting as a service, you may wish to also provide Microsoft SQL databases to customers via HostShop.

To set an MSSQL database up, you’ll need to:

  1. Login to My20i.
  2. Head to Customers -> Product Catalogue.
  3. Select the Hosting Services & Addons tab.
  4. Locate the Optional Add-On Products section.

Select the Add Service dropdown menu and choose MSSQL Database. A recommended price of £14.99 will already have been set, giving you a markup of £4.99. The original £10 price of an MSSQL database is the price of the licence provided directly by Microsoft. Select Add Pricing Option.

Microsoft SQL database

Next we’ll add an annual renewal option by selecting Annually from the Add Renewal Period menu. We’re going to offer a £2.00 per month discount if you pay yearly, so we’ll add the price £155.88 to the field and select Save.

If you now head to your shop, and then select to head to the Client Area, you’ll see the ability to order an MSSQL database.