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How do I edit my HostShop presales template?

With HostShop we offer the ability to quickly and easily install one of our presales website templates. They're aimed at a reseller of web hosting who does not currently have their own site, and would like a head start.

They are static themes which you can customise to showcase the products you’ve set up within HostShop. They're managed from the Appearance section in My20i. 

As they're static themes, data is not pulled in automatically from HostShop. So, to adjust the appearance, you’ll need to edit the HTML and/or CSS of the template.

To edit your chosen presales template, connect via either File Manager or FTP. To change any information on the front page of a template, head to the public_html directory and edit the index.php file.

For example, if you wanted to edit the ‘Web Hosting’ panel, you’d want to locate the following div class:

Within this div class, you can update the details that show in the ‘Web Hosting’ panel.

If you need further assistance, we’d recommend contacting a web developer or using a CMS such as WordPress to create a sales site.