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How do I manage fraudulent orders within HostShop?

To ensure the payments and orders you receive are legitimate, HostShop has an inbuilt fraud management system which will detect – based on certain factors – whether an order that is placed by a customer is abusive or potentially fraudulent. 

If the order meets the required criteria for it to be flagged as abusive, it can be managed within the fraud checking facility available in Pending Orders.

 To check this: 

  1. Login to My20i
  2. Head to Customers > Overview 
  3. Then select Pending Orders.

Pending orders

If you have any potentially fraudulent orders they’ll appear here. If you receive a fraudulent order you’ll be emailed to let you know as well. 

To manage a fraudulent order, select View to see why the order has been flagged.

VPS are automatically flagged because VPSs are commonly used for abusive purposes. 

We have three options: 

  1. Complete Order - you can select this is you believe the order is from a genuine source
  2. Drop Order - select this is if the order looks genuine, but the customer has decided they don’t want to proceed
  3. Reject Order - select this if the order looks abusive. This means future orders by the same customer are more likely to be rejected.