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How do I set up HostShop URLs?

To set up the main HostShop URLs you need to decide on two things - what your brand domain will be, and what subdomain you’d like your HostShop to appear on.

Your brand domain will generally be where your sales or front-end website is, for example: 

The HostShop subdomain will be where your customers can buy and checkout with products, as well as manage their current packages and services - for example: 

You can set these two options in Reseller Customisation using the Control Panel URLs area. The Brand Domain will be the main branded domain of your site, and the Control Panel / Hostshop subsection will define what subdomain your HostShop displays on. 

Control Panel URLs

Note: After setting your brand name and HostShop subdomain you’ll want to make sure you add a payment gateway so you can open your shop.