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How do I view StackCP Users that don’t have an assigned contract?

If you’re using HostShop you’ll want to ensure your StackCP Users have an assigned service and have a contract assigned to that service. It's to make sure that you’re paid for the service you’re providing.

It’s easy to identify which StackCP Users don’t have a contract using the Assigned Services report.

To find this, head to Customers > Overview > Assigned Services

You’ll be shown a list of all your StackCP Users that have assigned services, but who don’t have a contract associated with those services. You can then add the relevant contract to the service and StackCP User. 

  • Select Add Contract
  • Select the StackCP User the contract will be assigned-to
  • Choose the relevant contract you want to add (configured from your Product Catalogue)
  • Choose the expiry date. Select today's date to start the billing right away. 
  • Select Add Contract

The StackCP User will now have a contract assigned aginst their service.