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When do my customers get billed?

You’re in total control! You can set how and when you’d like your customers to be billed for the services you’re providing. You can view all currently active billing and contracts from the Customer Contracts page.

There are two main scenarios that could occur:

1. Your customer signs up automatically from your control panel.

If this is the case, then the date at which the customer would be billed is the date of purchase, then subsequently at the date of the renewal period which they’ve selected (i.e. monthly, yearly etc.).

2. You want to assign a billing contract to an existing customer.

If you have an existing customer and you need to assign them a billing contract, then you can set this up manually for them (to then bill the customer automatically).

To do so, head to:

Customers > StackCP Users

You’ll need to have your customer set up as a StackCP User. Create the customer manually if you need-to. Once they’ve been created, make sure you assign them their services by going to:

Customers > StackCP Users > Options > Manage

Under the Services & Addons section, select + Add Service and add the hosting package, domain or VPS you want this customer to be able to manage. Once the service has been added (with the exception of Hosting Packages), select:

Manage > Add Contract

You will the see a drop-down menu allowing you to select the Price/Payment plan for the service. This is pulled directly from what you have setup in your Product Catalogue.

Select the Price/Payment plan you want to assign, then select when you want the service to expire and require renewal. If you want the service to renew 'today' then simply select today's date and the customer will be billed today. However, you’ll most likely want to set up billing to match the arrangement you currently have with your customer. 

For hosting packages you'll need to add them to a plan. If you don't already have a plan you will need to first click on Add Plan at the bottom of the Access & Contracts section. Select the plan you wish to add.

Then on the plan select Manage Manage Packages. You can then select the packages you wish to add to the plan.