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Why should I use GoCardless?

GoCardless lets you access easy regular payments from your customers by Direct Debit - a well-known and trusted payment method around the world.

Direct Debits are useful to collect regular payments for hosting, ongoing maintenance packages, web design and any other custom products you add to HostShop.

Benefits of using GoCardless

  1. Payment only needs to be set up once. After the online form has been completed your customers won’t have to remember to pay next time. So there are no accidental missed payments.
  2. Payment details don’t have to be updated. Unless you switch bank accounts, your customers won’t need to update their payment method, unlike with expired or lost debit cards.
  3. Give your customers certainty. With Direct Debit your customers will know how much is being paid and when it’s due, instilling confidence in you as a supplier.

Web agencies and professionals taking Direct Debit through GoCardless can present your business as a reputable and professional establishment. It’ll also help your business run efficiently, save time and keep costs down.

For more information about Direct Debits please see the GoCardless guide here.