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How do I move a hosting package to a Managed Hosting on a VPS?

Moving a hosting package from 20i to Managed Hosting on a VPS couldn’t be easier. There’s no manual migration of data needed, and can be done at just the click of a button.

Platform transfer

  • Go to Platform Transfer
  • Select the website you want to move
  • Select your Managed VPS
  • Select Begin Transfer

Your transfer will complete in about 5-10 minutes. Your hosting package will be set up on your Managed VPS! Those moving from other providers can use our automatic Migration Centre.

Resellers get 25% off Managed VPS.


What's moved to the Managed VPS?

When using the one-click transfer all site files and databases are moved to the Managed VPS infrastructure. Mail continues to use the robust clustered 20i mail platform, so email won't affect your VPS resource quota. Databases are moved to dedicated Cloud MySQL instances and site files are moved to super-fast local SSD storage.