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How do I migrate from a Self-Managed VPS to a Managed VPS?

With any Managed VPS you'll get full access to the Migration Centre. It gives you a few easy migration options. 

Self-Managed VPS with cPanel ➡ Managed VPS

  • Log in to My20i
  • Select Start a Migration.
  • Choose WHM/cPanel from the list and click Next.
  • Enter the required credentials: hostname, username and the password for cPanel/WHM, and click Next.
  • You can then choose your Managed VPS from the Service Target dropdown menu and Package Bundle Type.
  • Go to Migrations Overview in My20i at any time to see the status of your migration. You’ll be notified when it’s successfully completed.


Self-Managed VPS with WordPress➡ Managed VPS

The best way to migrate a WordPress site is by using a WordPress migration plugin. We'd recommend using All-in-One WP Migration


Self-Managed VPS with a Custom Site ➡ Managed VPS

To migrate a custom site when you don't have a control panel or isn't WordPress would be a manual migration.