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How do I check bandwidth usage across packages in My20i?

20i provides a way to view bandwidth usage across packages and sites within your My20i account, making it easy to monitor the resources used by each site.

Whilst there’s no limits on bandwidth limit as a 20i reseller, you may set quotas for your clients. The Bandwidth Usage Report allows you to monitor what sites are using a higher level of bandwidth and may be getting close to the limits you’ve set.

To access the Bandwidth Usage Report:

  1. Login to My20i.
  2. Head to the Reports section on the home page and select Bandwidth Usage.

website bandwidth usage reporting for reseller hosting log in

The bandwidth usage report for all hosting packages:

You’ll see a full list of sites and their relative bandwidth usage. For every website you see the daily and monthly hits, the daily and monthly used bandwidth. If you have set a quota for any hosting package it will show how many % of this quota have been used already.

website bandwidth usage reporting for mutiple sites reseller hosting

If you and / or your customer want to have a more detailed overview about the bandwidth usage  this is possible as well. This might be useful to see if any special event has lead to an increase of usage.

Follow the link ‘Manage’ on the hosting package in question. Then scroll down again to ‘Logs & Stats’ and choose ‘Bandwidth Usage’

You know see a detailed breakdown of the daily bandwidth usage, you can change this view even to hourly if you want it more granular or to monthly to see a wider picture of the usage.

website bandwidth usage daily graph reporting for reseller hosting