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How does your Web Hosting handle high volume of traffic?

Your site or a customer's site may expect a higher volume of traffic if they've launched a successful marketing campaign or have been featured somewhere popular.

Is your web hosting prepared for high volume traffic?

Most web hosting providers are not prepared for such high volume traffic spikes and this causes websites to crash. They are often restricted to the use of just one server and therefore unable to make use of autoscaling to deal with the increased traffic.

The effort spent to get the traffic to your site is lost, because your website is not accessible at the moment you worked hard for.

Ease through high traffic spikes with autoscaling and load balanacing.

With 20i there's no need to worry about expected - or unexpected - large increases in traffic to a website. This is due to our web hosting platform having the ability to autoscale: it grows with your website.

The magic is really from our load balancers. They’re constantly monitoring all requests into our network, so when a website receives a large number of hits, the site is isolated quickly and moved to its own dedicated backend. This backend is raw hardware designed to serve busy sites. They're multiple 40-core machines with no overhead. It's the kind of elastic server power that would cost hundreds per month to buy for a site otherwise.

Once the 'busy period' is over, your site is moved back to the normal infrastructure. Read more about our hosting platform.

At 20i, we have a nickname for a sudden spike in traffic. You can read more about that here: The Dragons Den Effect.