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How do I connect to SSH using 2FA?

It's only recommend that you connect to your package via SSH if you're familiar with the command line interface. Here is how to connect using two-factor authentication (2FA).


If you're using Windows you will want to download an SSH client to to access SSH. 
You can download PuTTy from the following page:

⦁    You will want to first download the Google Authenticator app which is available for both iOS and Android devices 
⦁    Login to My20i, head to Manage Hosting and select the package that you require SSH access for. Then select SSH Access from under the Security section
⦁    Under Set SSH password, set the password and make note of this for later on.Then select Set up Authenticator and proceed to scan the QR code on your iOS or Android device

⦁    Open PuTTY. Enter the hostname '' and select Open.  
⦁    The command line interface will request you for a login. Login with your domain (e.g. 
⦁    You will then be prompted for a verification code. Open Google Authenticator and enter your code.
⦁    Enter the SSH password which was set-up earlier.  
⦁    You'll now have access to SSH through 2FA.