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Is Git supported on your hosting platform?

The short answer is yes. We offer Shared Web Hosting with Git, WordPress hosting with Git and Managed Cloud Hosting with Git. Our Self-Managed VPS also support Git, but do not include our version control GUI.

What is Git?

If you're not familiar with Git, this is what’s called a ‘version control system’. It helps developers of all kinds keep track of the changes they make to files, make records of what’s been altered, and maintain different versions of your code that you can swap between should something go wrong. We have a Beginner’s Guide to Git here.

There are two ways to use Git on our platform:

The first is our own Git Version Control tool which will show on the control panel when managing a hosting package. The tool simplifies Git, giving you graphical user interface. To get to this tool, you need to manage a hosting package from the manage hosting page and it will show under the Web Files section. We have a full guide on how to use this tool here.

The second way to use Git is through SSH. To use this, you’ll need to enable SSH access on the hosting package or Self-Managed VPS. This can be enabled when managing the hosting package within your account and there are multiple ways to do this as explained in the guides here: and

With the above information you can start using Git with any hosting you have with 20i.