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How can I access my virtual machine if I have lost external network access?

If you lose access to your virtual machine because of an incorrect firewall rule, or a software update gone wrong, you can still gain access by using VNC.

VNC can be used on both Linux and Windows virtual machines running on 20i virtual private servers.

Using VNC

To use/enable VNC, you will need to do the following:

  • Head to My20i and select Manage VPS.
  • Select Options > Manage for the VPS you intend to do this with.
  • Select Rescue VPS.
  • Under Unlock VNC by IP Address enter the IP address you wish to unlock VNC access for and select Unlock.
  • Make a note of the VNC Hostname - this should say something like ''. Also make a note of the password.
  • With both the VNC hostname and password, use a VNC client (such as Tight VNC) to gain access to your virtual machine.