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How to fix the WordPress index.php file being outputted

Occasionally, you may encounter a WordPress site that outputs the contents of the index.php file directly to the browser.

There are two common reasons for this.

1. It's usually caused by the permissions set on the index.php file itself. Using the File Manager's Permissions tool make sure the permissions for this file is set to 640: right click on index.php > Permissions > Type '640'

Now try viewing the site in your browser.

2. If changing the permissions hasn't resolved this, ensure you have a .htaccess file in place inside public_html with the basic WP configuration found here:

If you have a non-standard configuration in your current .htaccess file, make sure to take a copy of this so that you can add it back later if required. After entering the basic WP data, try viewing the site in your browser.

If you’re still seeing the index.php file being output feel free to let our Support Team know. We are happy to help all our WordPress hosting customers.