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What’s the maximum MySQL database size allowed?

At 20i, each MySQL database you create can store up to 1024 MB (1 GB) of data. As databases comprise of only text, this is a lot of space in real terms; to put it into perspective, a 20i customer’s average database size is just 10 MB.

In the rare event that you need more than 1024 MB, you'll need to add an additional database. You aren't able to add more MySQL databases to websites hosted on our WordPress hosting platform; you will need to complete a Platform Transfer first.

If you have a Home, Business, or Reseller Hosting package with us, there’s no limit to the number of additional databases you can add. If you have a Starter Hosting package, you are limited to one MySQL database but you can upgrade your hosting package through My20i, or purchase an additional hosting plan. 

For a step-by-step guide on creating new MySQL databases, please see the following article: How do I create a MySQL database in My20i.

While 1024 MB is enough storage for the majority of databases you may occasionally need a larger one. If you do need to host a database larger than this that can be done using a Managed Hosting on a VPS