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What are 20i’s nameservers?

Our nameservers are:

  • ns1.stackdns.com
  • ns2.stackdns.com
  • ns3.stackdns.com
  • ns4.stackdns.com

Any newly registered domain names will be automatically assigned these nameservers. 

Save money on domain name renewals by transferring your domains easily to 20i - nameservers will also update at the same time as the transfer. If your domains are with 123-Reg, Fasthosts, GoDaddy or Heart Internet you can save up to 50% on each domain you transfer in - You'll also get a free years renewal on many popular TLDs such as .com, .org and .net. Compare our prices.

These are our 'white label' nameservers; we also provide a Virtual Nameserver service. With this, you can replace 'stackdns' with your brand name.