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How do I set up email on my Android device?

Here's how to set up a 20i email on an Android phone or tablet:

  • Open the mail application on your Android device. 
  • Select Add New Account and enter the mailbox name and it's password
  • Select Manual Setup and select IMAP Account.
  • The User name will need to be the same as the mailbox name.
  • Enter imap.stackmail.com as the IMAP Server, change the Security Type to SSL, Port 993 should then be used.
  • Enter smtp.stackmail.com as the SMTP Server, change the Security Type to SSL, Port 465 should be added.
  • The outoing mailserver User name and Password are the username and password for your mailbox. 
  • Select Sign In and the mailbox will be added to your Android. 

Video transcript: 

Hi this is Andrew at 20i.

Today we're going to be showing you how to set up mail on an Android based device. So to begin with you'll want to make sure that you bring up the mail app on your Android device.

Once you do so you should see a screen similar to the following. On this screen you'll want to press 'Add new account'. From this point you'll be asked to enter the email address and the password for the mailbox so we'll just enter the email address in here.

And we'll just enter the password.

Once we're happy we then just want to select 'Manual setup. After selecting manual setup you will then be presented with three options you will see POP, IMAP and Exchange.

We don't recommend setting up the mailbox using POP and it's not an Exchange account so we want to select IMAP. OK, so when you're at this point you should then see the following: you'll see email address username and password.

Username - it just needs to may be made the same as the email address so we just want to make sure that the email address is there and we can see that the password is prefilled from what we entered earlier.

So here we have the incoming mail server settings for the mailbox. You're more than welcome to use IMAP.your-domain-name, however we would recommend using IMAP.stackmail.com - the actual hostname of the incoming mail server. So here we'll just enter IMAP.stackmail.com. Once we've done that we can then see security type and port - we just want to change the security type to SSL.

It should automatically change to Port 993 which is the secure port for mail. If it doesn't you just want to enter 993 into the 'Port' box. Once we've done that we then scroll down as we can see here we can see SMTP server.

Again you're more than welcome to use SMTP.domain-name just as I've got SMTP.20isupport.com here.

However we would recommend using the actual SMTP mail server name, so we're going to use SMTP.stackmail.com. Once we've done that we then want to select the security type again so we select security type and we change to SSL and that should then say port 465.

Again if it doesn't prefill just make sure that that says 465 for port when using SSL.

We then are given the option to enter the details:

Enter the username for the outgoing mail server. Again, this is just the email address and make sure that the email address is actually there and the password will be the password that we entered earlier. So just to recap, we have email address and username as the email address password is the password that we entered so that's just the password for the mailbox we have the incoming mail server settings IMAP stack mail ssl port 993 and we have outgoing server SMTP.stackmail.com, SSL port 465. And we also have the email address again and it's password.

Once we're happy we then just select 'Sign in'. Now this may take a moment or two while it just checks the incoming mail server settings.

So you may see no emails there but that's fine it just takes a few seconds.

And if we just hold on we can then see it's now syncing and that we have an email there in the mailbox - that's the only the only email that we have in this particular mailbox. So this is how you set up mail on an Android-based device.

We hope this has helped. If you run into any issues when you're doing this yourself please get in touch and I'll be more than happy to lend a hand.