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Can 20i Support migrate my emails if I use WordPress FTP migration?

To migrate your emails and mailboxes to 20i email hosting, you can use our in-house Email Migrations tool. This will let you migrate your IMAP mailboxes, your Gmail mailboxes and your Outlook mailboxes into 20i. 

To do this: 

  1. Log in to My20i.
  2. Select which package you want to migrate emails into via Manage Hosting.
  3. Select the Email Migrations tool that is within the emails section. 
  4. You can now simply enter the relevant credentials and select then select Sync.

If you the sync fails to start, this is likely due to the credentials not being correct. You should confirm that the password you have used is correct and that the hostname is also correct. 

All 20i WordPress Hosting includes an unlimited number of 10 GB email mailboxes.