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How do I enable subaddressing on a mailbox?

Subaddressing can be used to organize your email, so certain messages go to folders automatically. For example, if you have box@yourdomain.com you can now use box+tag@yourdomain.com. When the message is delivered, it will automatically be moved in to the 'tag' folder.

Enabling this feature can be done via My20i or StackCP.

  • Head to Manage Hosting or Manage Domains and select Manage for the hosting package/domain
  • Select the Email Accounts icon

Email accounts icon

  • On the email account you wish to add Subaddressing to, select Options > Enable Subaddresses.

Enabling subaddresses

After this, you’ll need to allow the platform 30 minutes to set up this feature.

You’ll then be able to have emails auto-filter to folders when following the format in the example above.