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How do I use Master FTP?

As a 20i Reseller you can use Master FTP to globally unlock your own IP address across all your hosting packages.

This is so that you don’t need to worry about unlocking FTP for each package every time you need to access them.

To use Master FTP:

  • Create a StackCP User for yourself. To create a StackCP User please see this guide.
  • Locate your StackCP User from the list and select Options > Edit

Edit StackCP User in the My20i Control Panel

  • Select all the Packages you would like to access via Master FTP, then select ‘Save’.

Select the packages you'd like to access through Master FTP

  • Select Options > Edit again. This time, scroll to the bottom and you'll see the ‘Master FTP Access’ section. From here, you can select Enable Master FTP and enter your own IP address. This will enable you to gain access to all site files via a single login from this IP.
  • Select ‘Add’ once you've entered your IP address

Give yourself Master FTP access to the packages selected previously

  • You should use the following details to connect via your FTP client:
  •      Host: The value of this depends on which data center your package is located in. 

For packages in the UK: masterftp.gb.stackcp.com

For packages in the US: masterftp.us.stackcp.com

  •      Username: the StackCP User's email address (e.g. email@example.com)
  •      Password: the StackCP User's password

You'll now be able access the packages you selected earlier using these details.