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How to add custom categories to HostShop?

By default your HostShop will have five product categories. These are:

  • Virtual Private Servers

  • Domain Names

  • Additional Products & Services

  • Web Hosting

  • SSL Certificates

Default product categories in HostShop

By default each category will show if there are appropriate products for it set up in the product catalog. The categories Domain Names, Additional Products & Services and SSL Certificates are only customisable with the settings available in the product cacatalog/p>

However if you go to https://my.20i.com/reseller/hostshop/product-categories you can add new categories which include any Web Hosting and VPS products.

When adding a category you need to give the following:

  • Title - the name the category will be known by

  • Description - the description of the category shown in the shop

  • Products - what products are part of the category. These can only be from the Hosting Services and VPS Services of the product catacatalog>

  • Link Text - this is the text shown on the button users click to go to the category

  • Sidebar Icon - here you can set a FontAwesome class to be used as an icon for the category. You can find a list of available icons here.

  • Visible - this determines whether the category shows in your shop.

HostShop product category creation

Default Product Categories

Here you can disable (hide) the default Web Hosting and VPS categories so they aren't displaying in your shop.