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How do I add and sell SSL certificates?

With HostShop you can also add chargeable SSL certificates to your product lineup. This means you can resell the Simple and Extended Validation certificates.

To set these up, you’ll need to:

There are two types of SSL available to resell: the SSL Simple and the SSL Extended. You can read about the differences between those SSLs here.

In our example we’re going to set up the Simple SSL. Select this from the dropdown menu and select Add SSL Products.

Adding Simple SSL products

This product can only be renewed on an annual basis. You’ll see we’ve added our recommended price of £49.99 to this product, giving you a £15.00 markup from the 20i Reseller discounted price of £34.99.

Select Save next to the price. Then head to your shop and select the SSL Certificates category and you’ll see your Simple SSL for sale and ready to be bought by your customers.