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HostShop Emails & Messages

Email Templates 

Email templates can be configured by going to Reseller Preferences > Email Templates. By default, templates have already been created for you for all different HostShop scenarios. 

Updating the 'from' address for email templates 

Head to Email Templates, and select Bulk Update From Address - you can then enter the From Name and From Email you’d like all email templates to use. 

Updating your email 'from' address in bulk

You can also edit the 'from' address on a per-template basis by selecting Options > Edit on the template you want to change and updating the From Address

Changing from address on an individual email template

Resend Welcome Email 

You can resend a StackCP Users welcome email by going to StackCP Users > Options > Resend Email and then selecting the email template you wish to send, then select Send Welcome Email

Sending a control panel message to customers 

If you’d like to update all customers or a range of customers in their control panel, then you can use the Message Center. Head to Reseller Preferences > Message Center

From here you can configure the type of notification you want to send, which can be an On Page Notification that displays at the top of the Service Overview page, or a Modal Notification which will display in a modal window. You can also select who it will reach, such as specific StackCP users or users with a specific package type. 

HostShop message centre

Sending marketing emails 

You can send email campaigns to your customers by heading to Customers > Email Campaigns. You can then configure and send targeted bulk emails to your StackCP Users. There’s a full guide about configuring those here: How do I create and send email campaigns?