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How do I manage my customers?

A core part of your business when using 20i HostShop will be managing new and existing customers.

When your customers sign up to your service from your control panel they’re automatically created as StackCP Users. This allows you to manage all aspects of their experience and service from within My20i.

To manage your customers head to My20i > Customers > StackCP Users

Here you’ll see a list of all your current customers with their name and email address. You can search for a specific user using the search bar or add a new user manually by selecting Add StackCP User.

To manage the customer, select Options > Manage and you’ll be taken to the StackCP User Card that contains information about your customer. You’ll find a range of options for you to manage:

Contact Details

These contact details are what your customer has set from within the Contact Details section of their account. It’s important that these details are accurate - so if they look invalid then it’s reasonable to request the customer ensures they’re accurate.

You have the option to Edit Contact Details should you need to update them on behalf of your customer.


If your customer is using 2FA for their account login then their authentication device will be shown here.

Should your customer lose their authentication device (meaning they can’t access their account), we’d recommend asking them their security questions and then removing the device by selecting Delete next to the device in question. This will then allow the customer to log in using only their username and password as normal.

Access & Contracts

You’ll be shown a list of the services your customer has purchased from you. This could include hosting packages, domain names, SSL certificates, malware scanning or any other service you offer. By selecting Manage next to the service, you can Add Contract, Manage Service or Delete Service. More information about adding contracts can be found here: Adding Contracts to Services.

If you'd like to assign an existing hosting package or domain name to the customer then you can select the service from the drop-down menu and select Add Service.

Payment Methods

Here you’ll see any payment methods your customer has added such as cards and direct debits.


Here you can see any balance the user has in their HostShop account with you.

Custom Work Quotes

Here you can create custom work quotes. These allow you to charge the customer for work or one off items that aren't products available in the shop. For more information on this please see: Custom Work Quotes.


Here you’ll see any invoices your customer has received.


Here you’ll see all support tickets between you and your customers. You can quickly jump to the StackCP Help Desk by selecting View Ticket.

Master FTP Access

Master FTP allows the user to connect to all their hosting packages using a single FTP login, rather than individual ones for each hosting package. More information about Master FTP can be found here: How do I use Master FTP.