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Why could my WordPress migration fail?

The following conditions should be met for the WordPress FTP migration tool to migrate a site. These conditions are usually met by default, unless you've made changes to your WordPress installation.

What to do if a WordPress migration has failed

If your migration fails, adjustments may need to be made to allow the migration tool to work correctly:

  • The migration tool looks for the directory with the wp-config.php configuration file. If you’ve manually moved the wp-config.php file to another directory (sometimes done for security) then you’d need to move it to be with the rest of the core WordPress files.
  • File and directory permissions should be consistent with WordPress best practise, i.e. directories set to 755 and files set to 644.
  • Our IPs used for the FTP migration tool should not be blocked: & If you use a web application firewall (WAF) ensure these IPs are whitelisted.
  • Ensure the website's domain name points to the correct web host. If the nameservers for the domain name don’t point to the right host then the migration will fail.

If you’re having trouble diagnosing what’s wrong, please feel free to contact support within your account from the support area.