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Is ionCube PHP Loader installed?

The ionCube Loader is a PHP extension often used by setups such as WHMCS -  it decodes PHP scripts that have been encoded by the ionCube PHP Encoder. Without this, the scripts cannot be read and so the sites that use them cannot run, so it’s important to know what areas of our hosting have this included. 

The availability of ionCube can differ between our different platforms and PHP versions.   

Linux Web Hosting: ionCube Loader is available on our Linux platform for all currently supported PHP versions (but see note below). 

WordPress Hosting: ionCube Loader is available on our WordPress platform for all available PHP versions that support it. 


Windows Hosting: ionCube is not available on our Windows platform. If you are running PHP software and don't need any of the Windows specific-languages like ASP.NET we recommend using our Linux platform.

Managed VPS: ionCube Loader is available on all supported PHP versions similar to our Linux hosting. 

You can use the 'Platform Transfer' feature inside My20i to automatically move between all of our hosting platforms.