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How do I customize the header and footer of an email template?

You can add your own branding to the header and footer of the email templates that are sent to your customers. 

Email component templates

  • Select Create Template. Here you can add your HTML to create a header and footer templates which you can then apply to your emails.

How to add HTML

  • Select Save.
  • Head to Email Templates and select Options > Edit on the template you want to apply your custom header and footer to.

Editing the template

  • Select the Use a custom header and/or footer component checkbox to use your customized settings. Please note, this will remove the contents of the email template body due to removing the default header and footer, so make sure you've got a copy of that first

Using the custom header and footer

  • Once done, select Save.

The email template will now have your custom branding when sent to your customers.