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I have a customer expecting a high volume of traffic, is this ok?

Your site or a customer's site may expect a higher volume of traffic if they've launched an advertising campaign or have been featured somewhere popular. With 20i there's no need to worry about expected - or unexpected - large increases in traffic to a site. This is due to our platform having the ability to autoscale: it grows with your website.

The magic is really from our load balancers. They’re constantly monitoring all requests into our network, so when a website receives a large number of hits, the site is isolated quickly and moved to its own dedicated backend. This backend is raw hardware designed to serve busy sites. They're multiple 40-core machines with no overhead. It's the kind of elastic power that would cost hundreds per month to buy for a site otherwise.

Once the 'busy period' is over, your site is moved back to the normal infrastructure. Read more about our hosting platform.

At 20i, we have a nickname for a sudden spike in traffic. You can read more about that here: The Dragons Den Effect.