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How can I use 20i’s Package Cloning tool to improve my development work flow?

20i's package cloning tool can fit seamlessly into your agency's workflow by allowing you to clone a website from a template package over to a live domain. The package cloning tool comes free with your Reseller Hosting account and can be used to clone any package quickly.

You may first want to create a template package that you can clone for all of your similiar projects, like a blueprint! If you have a standard WordPress setup including a theme, plugins and any code-level customisations you may wish to create a template hosting package with that configuration. You can then label the hosting package as a template using hosting package labels.

Template packages to live site

If you're creating multiple sites from the same original template you'll save valuable time getting the new sites off the ground quickly. 

Here we show you how you can clone a package quickly and easily