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How do I add a VPS Private Network?

Private Networks allows servers to communicate with each other without exposing the traffic to the public internet. A second network interface is added to your servers which you can assign a private IP to that’s not publicly accessible. This is perfect for VPS-to-VPS communication.

As an example, if you wanted to build your own hosting network, you could use two Unmanaged VPS as web servers, and two as database servers. Your web servers would need to reach the internet via their public network interface as normal, but they could speak to the database servers over a private network. In the same way, the database servers can replicate with each other over their private network. In this example, you could even disable the database servers public internet so they cannot be accessed via the internet for security reasons.

Each private network runs over a 1G bps network port. Bandwidth is unmetered.

To add a private network:

  • Head to Manage VPS > Manage Private Networks
  • Select Create a New Private Network and enter a Description/Name for your network. This is for display purposes only. Select Update.

You’ll now need to assign the private network to your VPS.

  • Head to Manage VPS and on the VPS you’d like to add to your private network, select Options > Manage > Manage Networking
  • Select Assign to Network and choose the network you’d like to use from the drop-down menu. Select Add.

Your VPS is now assigned to your private network.

You will now need to configure the network interface on your server. The way in which you’ll do this depends on what OS you’re running.