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How do I point my domain to my Unmanaged VPS?

If you’ve purchased an Unmanaged VPS from 20i, you can point an existing domain to it. You need to replace the A record of the domain name to the IP address of the VPS.

At 20i you’ll have two A records that should look similar to these:

domain.com -> A Record -> IP Address

*.domain.com -> A record -> IP Address

All you need to do is replace the default IP address with the VPS IP address:

domain.com -> A Record -> VPS IP Address

*.domain.com -> A record -> VPS IP Address

Allowing about an hour for propagation, the domain should then point to the VPS.


You don't need to add an IPv6 address to your domain for it to work as ISP's will automatically point you to the IPv4 (A record) address if there is no IPv6 (AAAA record) for the domain. If you want to add a IPv6 address for your domain to point to your VPS though that can be done by going to here > Options > Manage > Manage Networking.

From here you can then click Request IPv6 Address to get a range for your VPS. From the given range you'll then just need to point your domain via an AAAA record to a particular IPv6 address from the given range.