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How to create an autoresponder?

To create a new autoresponder, such as an 'out of office' email: 

  • Select Manage Hosting
  • Select Manage for the package you wish to add the autoresponder to.
  • Select Autoresponders. Enter the prefix of the mailbox you wish to set the autoresponder for.
  • Enter the information required for the autoresponder and select Add Autoresponder.

Note: It may take up to 30 minutes for the autoresponder to activate.


Video transcript:

The creation of new autoresponders can be performed quickly and easily via the 20i control panel.

To get started you'll want to log into your 20i account and select 'Manage Hosting' or 'Manage domains', depending on whether you have a hosting package assigned to your domain or whether the domain is actually with us.

Once you've done so, select 'Manage' for the domain for which you wish to create the autoresponder.

After you've done this select the 'Autoresponder' icon under the email section. From this point you'll then need to enter some information.

Firstly you'll want to enter the name of the mailbox or address for which you wish to use the autoresponder.

For example, if I have a mailbox called test@ and I wish to apply an autoresponder to it, I'll enter 'test' into this field.

Once you're happy ensure the correct domain has been selected from the drop down menu.

You'll then want to enter an email subject. This is simply the subject that'll be sent in the auto response to whomever is mailing the address.

The text HTML drop-down can be amended depending on whether you'd like your 'out of office' reply to be sent in plain text or HTML. The message field is simply that which you'd like to send as a response to any emails you receive whilst the autoresponder is enabled.

An autoresponder may also optionally have a 'forward to' email address whereby any mail during that period will be forwarded. And finally, 'start from' and 'finish on' dates can be optionally specified whereby the autoresponder will only be enabled between those two dates.

Once you're happy select 'Add autoresponder' and the autoresponder will be added.

Please allow up to 30 minutes for the changes to the autoresponder to become live.

 If you have any questions regarding this please contact our Support Team via the support section of the 20i control panel.