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7 Things Web Developers Need To Know About SEO

When you build a website for a client, you’re not just delivering “a website”. You’re delivering a tool to help your client meet their business needs. That means, beyond the looks and...

Mobile First Indexing: testing mobile site speed

A explanation of Google's four main methods of testing the speed of a website on a mobile device.

The SSD we use: the Samsung SM883

We often talk about the benefits of our 100% Solid State Drive (SSD) storage. Here I’ll explain what made us choose the SSD that we use in our data centres: the Samsung SM883. Up until recently, we were using...

Just another WordPress blog..?

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve got the 20i blog up and running!  This first post is a ‘manifesto’ of sorts: what we plan to share, and why. No ads We won’t confine our blog posts to promotional...

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