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How do I import customers from WHMCS to HostShop?

If you’re looking to import customers from WHMCS to HostShop then you can do so using the 20i tool. This will import the users' contact information from your current WHMCS installation.

To access the tool, head to StackCP Users -> Import Users from WHMCS

StackCP Users

You’ll need to add your WHMCS domain, API Identifier and API Secret.

You can get these by going to Setup -> Staff Management -> Manage API Credentials. You will need to generate an API Credential that maps to a Role with at least GetClients and GetClientsDetails permissions.

You'll need to whitelist your IP address. To do this, go to Setup -> General Settings -> Security. Add your IP address to 'Whitelisted IPs' and 'API IP Access Restriction'.

Import WHMCS users

Once you've entered the correct details, select Get Users.

You'll then be shown a list of all your current WHMCS users along with their current status, being either active or inactive. You can filter by their status or if they already exist in StackCP and select the ones you want to migrate-in. 

User list

After selecting Import Users, we'll create the relevant StackCP Users for you and import their associated contact information directly from WHMCS. 

User import progress

By now heading to StackCP Users, you'll see all of the imported users from your WHMCS installation.