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How do I set my Reseller brand domain?

To set your brand domain and URLs (which will be used for your custom control panel login, webmail and more) head to Reseller Preferences > Reseller Customisation. This is where you'll configure various options about your Reseller brand as well as configurable options in StackCP.

To set the URL that will be used for your custom control panel, head to the section entitled Control Panel URLs. From the dropdown menu, select the domain you'd like to use as your control panel URL and then type a subdomain you'd your customers control panel to appear on. Your domain name will need to be with 20i in order for us to add the custom DNS.

Note: If you enable and use HostShop, this subdomain will also be where your clients can go to make purchases for new products and services that you sell.  

You may wish to add other branded URLs such as SSH, phpMyAdmin or the Web Builder. When done, select Save.