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How do I use traceroute (tracert)?

What is traceroute?

Traceroute, or tracet, is a tool used for diagnosing network-related issues. It does this by displaying the route to the destination specified - a domain name or an IP address - and records how long it takes packets to reach that destination. Occasionally your Web Hosting Provider may ask you to perform a traceroute.

How to use traceroute?

Here's how to run tracet on the 3 most common OS: 


  • Click 'Start'
  • Type in ​Run and then click on the icon that appears (a box should open)
  • Type cmd and then press OK to open command prompt.
  • In the window that appears, type in: tracert (or the IP address depending on the issue) and then press 'Enter'.

Traceroute tracet execution for Windows with CMD


  • Browse to Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal 
  • Then type traceroute followed by a space and then a website or IP address you need to diagnose, i.e. traceroute then press 'Enter'.


  • Open a Terminal window
  • Type: traceroute (or replace '' with an IP address if requested to do so)
Can i use traceroute on iPhone or iPad?

Yes, but you will need the help of an app to perform traceroute on your iPhone or iPad. 

The network diagnosis app iNetTools allows traceroute and other digonostic tasks.