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How do I add a MSSQL database as a product?

If you provide Windows hosting as a service, you may wish to also provide Microsoft SQL databases to customers via HostShop.

To set an MSSQL database up, you’ll need to:

  • Log in to My20i

  • Head to Customers > Product Catalog

  • Select the Hosting Services tab
  • Scroll down to the Add-On Products section.

Select the Add Add-on Product dropdown menu and choose MSSQL Database.

A recommended price of £14.99 will already have been set, giving you a markup of £4.99. The original £10 price of an MSSQL database is the price of the license provided directly by Microsoft. Select Save.

Adding a MSSQL database as a product in HostShop

Next we’ll add an annual renewal option by clicking the + sign and selecting Annually from the menu. We’re going to offer a £2.00 per month discount if you pay yearly, so we’ll add the price £155.88 to the field and select Save.

If you now head to your shop, and then select to head to the Client Area, you’ll see the ability to order an MSSQL database.