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How do I add and sell VPS Backups?

If you’ve set up and configured VPS services to be sold in HostShop, you may want to add an extra potential revenue stream with VPS backups. You can easily add backups as an add-on product to the VPS services which your customers can then also purchase.

To set these up, you’ll need to:

  1. Login to My20i.
  2. Head to Customers -> Product Catalogue.
  3. Select the VPS Services & Addons tab.   
  4. Locate the VPS Backup Services section.

In our example, we’re going to add the backup service for a 1GB VPS that we’ve already configured to sell. We’ll simply select VPS Backups (1GB VPS) from the drop down.

VPS Backup Services

A default recommend price has already been added based on the price of 20i reseller price for these types of backup which is £2.99, so the price of £3.75 has been added giving you a £0.76 per month markup.

We’re then going to select Add Renewal Period and select the Annually option. A price is prefilled with the recommended default, so we’ll just select Add Pricing Options to save this service.