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How do I allow clients access to StackCP?

As a Reseller you may want to give your clients access to StackCP.

They can use StackCP to carry out many site management tasks themselves - without needing to bother you with support requests - so it's definitely worth doing! It also lets them use the HostShop store to upgrade their services.

To do this you need to create StackCP users: 

  • Log in to My20i
  • Under Reseller preferences select 'StackCP Users'

Overview of Reseller preferences

  • Select 'Please add one' and enter your client(s) credentials.

No StackCP Users

Add a StackCP user

  • Then select 'Add Stack User'.
  • You'll be taken back to the 'StackCP Users' list. The user will have been assigned a password - change this if you want.

StackCP User Options Edit

  • To assign the StackCP user to a Hosting Package and give them Domain Access, hover over 'Options' and select 'Edit'

My20i StackCP User permissions

  • Select the Package you'd like to give them access to, along with access to the relevant domain, and select 'Save Permissions' 

Your new StackCP user is now set up. 

You can now email your client their StackCP login email address and password.