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How do I integrate HostShop with my current website?

HostShop is designed so that you can easily add the shop your current sales site. You do this by linking to the relevant HostShop URL from your live sales site. 

We display the URLs you’d need to link-to on the Product Catalog page. 

Product catalogue URLs

For each product, there’s a Product Link. When linked-to from an ‘Order Now’ or ‘Buy Now’-style button on your site, it will get the customer to the right page to complete their order. 

Example product link

Integrating a domain availability checker 

If you have a domain availability checker already embedded on your website, you can link this to automatically search the HostShop one by:  

  1. Change the form action URL to: https://cp.example.com/domain-search?domain=mydomainsearch 
  2. Change the request type to GET (if possible)

Then the domain availability checker will link to your HostShop availability checker. It will be pre-filled with the domain that's already been searched for.