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HostShop Setup Guide

HostShop step-by-step setup

Here's an overview of the steps to take to set up HostShop. It has links to the relevant support articles to complete each section in turn.

1) Prepare the domain names and hosting services to be available for sale


2) Add and test your payment gateways


3) Add 20i account credit

You’ll need account credit on your 20i account to take orders through HostShop. When a client orders services like domains, we’ll use account credit to pay for the domain so it can be provisioned automatically. To do this: 

  • Head to the Account Credit section in your 20i account
  • Select the amount of credit you’d like to add from the drop-down menu
  • Select whether you want to add credit using a card or PayPal 
  • Select Add Credit


4) Customise your shop and branding

Configuring and setting up HostShop is quick and easy through the 20i control panel. You’ll first want to ensure you have a domain name with 20i that you want to use for HostShop, usually, this is your sales website. 

To set up your HostShop URLs: 

  • Head to Reseller Customisation
  • Select your Brand Domain from the Control Panel URLs section
  • Add a subdomain in the Control Panel/HostShop field. Some examples may be cp, my, shop, panel or access
  • Select Save

All you’ll now need to do is ensure HostShop is 'Open' from HostShop Configuration and select 'Visit' to view your HostShop installation.


5) Optionally install HostShop presales templates and customise


6) Open your shop and start earning from selling hosting and domain services

Head to HostShop Configuration and select Open Shop