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HostShop Set Up Guide


HostShop is an all-in-one automated platform to manage clients, commerce, billing, payments, service provision, communication and support. It includes an online shop that you can integrate with your website, or you can use one of our ready-made hosting website templates.

You can enable it by going to Users -> Enable HostShop from within your My20i account. 

The guide below shows how you can quickly setup HostShop from start to finish. 

What's in this guide?

Add your Products for Sale

The Product Catalogue section within HostShop is where you'll add and configure all of the products you want to sell through HostShop. It's where you'll add your pricing, renewal periods and more details about the products you're wanting customers to purchase from you.

You can choose what products you'd like to be able to sell, and you can even create custom products if you're also looking to provide web design, SEO marketing or any other service. We'd recommend starting by setting up your domains, hosting and VPS, but feel free to add anything else you'd like to be included in your shop. 


Add your Payment Gateways

To collect payment from your customers you'll need to use a payment gateway. We offer various popular gateways including PayPal, Stripe, Mail-In Payments/Bank Transfer, WorldPay, GoCardless, SagePay and Square.

Add 20i Credit

You’ll need account credit on your 20i account to take orders through HostShop. When a client orders services like domains, we’ll use account credit to pay for the domain so it can be provisioned automatically. To do this: 

  • Head to the Account Credit section in your 20i account
  • Select the amount of credit you’d like to add from the drop-down menu
  • Select whether you want to add credit using a card or PayPal 
  • Select Add Credit

Add your HostShop name and brand URLs

Configuring and setting up HostShop is quick and easy through the 20i control panel. You’ll first want to ensure you have a domain name with 20i that you want to use for HostShop, usually, this is your sales website. 

To set up your HostShop URLs: 

Reseller Customisation

  • Select your Brand Domain from the Control Panel URLs section
  • Add a subdomain in the Control Panel/HostShop field. Some examples may be cp, my, shop, panel or access.

Control Panel URLs

  • Select Save

All you’ll now need to do is ensure HostShop is 'Open' from HostShop Configuration and select 'Visit' to view your HostShop installation.

Install a Pre-Sales Template (Optional)

Please note, this step is optional - if you already have a sales website, you can link that so your customers are taken from your existing site through to HostShop to make their purchase, please see the next section in this guide to set that up. 

Link an Existing Sales Website to HostShop

HostShop is designed so that you can easily add the shop your current sales site. You do this by linking to the relevant HostShop URL from your live sales site.

We display the URLs you’d need to link-to on the Product Catalogue page.

For each product, there’s a Product Link - you'll use this link on your sales websites to direct the users through to HostShop. If you have buttons such as Buy Now, Order or View Plans, you'll use the links form the Product Catalogue to get your customers to the right page in HostShop. 


Open HostShop

Head to HostShop Configuration and select Open Shop. :tada:

Customers will now be able to visit your shop and buy services from you, we'll make sure whatever they choose to buy is provisioned automatically for you. HostShop is continually being developed and added to, so we'd love to hear your feedback about it via our Feedback Form

The next steps are up to you - If you're starting something new then you may be beginning to market your business and onboard your first few customers. If you're an existing business then you can start adding your customers to HostShop and assigning them billing contracts to take the hassle out of managing the billing for them.

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