Brand New: Customer Handoff

With design, development and deployment done, you can now quickly and easily hand over control of a website’s web hosting to your client (including the billing), with our brand new ‘Handoff’ feature.

Handoff seamlessly passes ownership of a hosting package directly to your client’s own 20i account, with out any downtime or data loss.

No more messing around with manual data transfer, FTP, MySQL databases, ZIP files or DNS.

Plus, you’ll receive a £/$25 commission from us when a service you handoff is renewed.

Note: Your client will either need an existing 20i account or to create a free My20i account, and let you know the email address they used to create the account.

How to use Handoff

Click ‘Manage’ under the Manage Hosting icon in My20i. Navigate to the package you want to give them control over, and click ‘Options’

Choose ‘Handoff’ and follow the on-screen instructions to initiate the process.

Simply choose the specifications and optimisations of the Managed Cloud Server for your client.

  • Cloud platform: 20iCloud, AWS, GCP
  • Server spec/size
  • Data centre location
  • Server optimisation (PHP, WordPress, Laravel etc.)
  • Timeline Backups Pro

Once you’re happy, click ‘Submit’.

Your client will receive an email from us to then log in to their 20i account and complete the purchase (with the server already in their account’s basket).

The Cloud Server is built, and the package gets handed off to your client.


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  • With everything that has happened with other companies that have collapsed but are on the 20i system this is quite helpful