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VPS: Take control with 100% SSD

Unmanaged UK VPS

Rapid setup: deploy in 50 seconds

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

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Buy a Cloud VPS

No contracts, no commitments

Buy a Cloud VPS

All VPS are charged monthly and can be cancelled at any time.

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For support and maintenance, and expert help in maintaining your server, you may prefer a 20i Managed VPS.

Managed VPS

VPS hosting platform with maximum speed & stability

Enterprise SSD Storage

We only use enterprise-level Samsung SSDs to give you the best speed, capacity and endurance. These are configured as local storage in our virtual private servers, meaning that they’re optimised for high performance.

Instant Provisioning

Our super-fast automatic provisioning system will have a Linux VPS online in less than a minute and a Windows VPS in under 5 minutes. If you ever need to upgrade, our control panel makes it effortless.

Latest Technology

All virtual machines are powered by Intel Xeon Scalable 12-core processors, with access to DDR4 3200 MHz ECC-registered RAM. Combining your VMs with enterprise-class SSDs gives you maximum CPU power to serve demanding modern apps.

UK or US Data Centre

Whether you choose for your VPS to be hosted in the US or UK, your data will stored in that country, at one of our ISO 27001, PCI-compliant data centres.

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I want to thank all of you so much for your help! I have been in a major panic! My knowledge is very limited (as you could tell) but Im lear...
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great hosting platform with a great…
great hosting platform with a great personal support team.
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Having a really awesome experience at…
Having a really awesome experience at 20i. The features are just awesome and the value for money is crazy.
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A Powerful and Reliable UK Virtual Private Server

1 Tbps+ Anti-DDoS

Distributed denial of service attacks are only getting more common, so we include our powerful 1 terabit per second anti-DDoS protection for no extra charge.

Unlimited Bandwidth & Traffic

Your websites and apps will get maximum bandwidth at all times - no throttling, ever. Each hypervisor is connected at 10 Gbps and each switch has redundant 40 Gbps uplinks. There are no limits on traffic.

Windows & Linux support

Freedom to deploy to Windows guests and a range of Linux/Unix-like operating system distros: CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Free BSD, Open BSD and Ubuntu – all in one click. You can install any other OS and software, too.

Service level guarantee

All VPSs are backed by uninterruptible power supplies and a network SLA of 99.99%, giving you reliability and performance you can trust.

Full root access

You’re in control! With our unmanaged virtual private servers you get full root access to your server, putting you in complete control.

No contracts, no commitment

We know that once you’ve tried our high performance VPS you won’t go elsewhere! So we keep things simple: we don’t lock you in and you can cancel at any time.

Upgrade with ease

Scale your VPS as you grow, with upgrades in minutes. You can scale up in a few clicks using our intuitive control panel.

Hardware RAID

All of our servers use redundant hardware RAID 10 arrays with a battery-backed cache. RAID 10 ensures the best performance and availability for your VPS.

Out-of-band console

Wrong network settings or firewalled yourself? No problem, with our out-of-band VNC access you can access your VPS just like plugging a monitor into a physical server.

Upgrade with ease

Scale your VPS as you grow, with upgrades in minutes. You can scale up in a few clicks using our intuitive control panel – no downtime.

Hardware RAID

All of our servers utilise hardware RAID 10 arrays with a battery-backed cache. RAID 10 ensures the best performance and availability for your VPS.

Out-of-band console

Wrong network settings or firewalled yourself? No problem, with our out-of-band VNC access you can access your VPS just like plugging a monitor into a physical server.

Not sure which VPS you need? Talk to our team.

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Do I need a VPS?

If you want the control and options of a dedicated server, but with the affordability of shared hosting, then a VPS is for you. They’re recommended for those who want to host both websites and apps.

Freedom and independence

Install what you want, when you want. Our advanced hardware gives you the headroom to run powerful modern applications. They’re perfect for development, business, gaming or communications.

Secure and resilient

Your VPS is partitioned from others and is as secure as a physical dedicated server. It’s in a physically-secure data centre with an uninterruptible power supply – so you can rely on it always being available. Our 1 Tbps anti-DDoS protection will cover you against denial of service attacks.

Compelling business case

If you run a business, it’s reassuring to have guaranteed compute and storage resources available. Simply spin-up a low-cost VM whenever you need it. A 20i VPS gives businesses the power of having a dedicated server, without the capital expense and worries of having your own hardware. It becomes an operational expense, like a utility.


VPS use cases

Web hosting

Give your website all the dedicated resources it needs. You’re free to use any kind of web hosting software to design and run your sites.

Development server hosting

For developers, an Unmanaged VPS offer an isolated digital environment to test code. Experiment and learn in a VPS sandbox.

Mobile app backend hosting

Save on expensive hosting fees by self-hosting your mobile app on a cheap VPS. Don’t pay for more resources than you need.

SaaS hosting

You can run any kind of software-as-a-service for your business. That might include ecommerce, reporting, CRM, project management, analytics...the choice is yours.

Install a VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) can protect your privacy when using public Wi-Fi. If you don’t want to use a commercial product, install a VPN on a VPS.

Private sync

Back up your local files in the cloud, safe in the knowledge that they’re stored privately.


Whether it’s Minecraft, CS:GO, WoW or any other online game, we offer cheap VPS hosting for game servers.


Get fast, clear and reliable voice communication by using a hosted app like TeamSpeak 3. Start a hosted VOIP business.

IOT hub

If you don’t want your smart home gadgets to send your data to the web giants like Google and Amazon, you can go down the DIY route.

Choose from 30+ Operating Systems & Apps

You’re free to install any software you’d like, but these can all be installed in a click:

Snapshot Backups

While our virtual private servers have a 99.99% uptime guarantee, there are still ways that a disaster may strike. For example, someone (not you – of course!) might miss a security update and your VPS could become a victim of malware.

So it’s still important to back up your VPS regularly. You can do this easily from the My20i control panel. But what if you forget..?

Our Snapshot Backup service automatically creates full backups of your virtual machines, apps and storage. You can set an automatic snapshot to take place on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis.

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Snapshot Backups

Snapshot backups

Become a Reseller of 20i VPS

Become a Reseller

Become a Reseller of 20i VPS

If you want to start a web hosting business or offer more to your clients, virtual private servers offer a new and expanding market. With an unlimited Reseller Hosting account, all VPS are discounted by 25% – our ‘wholesale’ rate.

Increase your markup by including a VPS management service

Sell under your brand with our white-label control panel

Automate VPS management with your software through our API

Automate provisioning and billing through the HostShop business automation suite

Offer 8 different operating systems and 12 application stacks

Sell VPS hosted in data centres in the UK and USA

Resell VPS

VPS Private Network

Create a private, isolated network between any number of 20i virtual private servers. You can add a second IP address to a server, and make that address unreachable by the public internet. This can connect to other VPS on a secure 1 Gbps port.

A use case for a VPS Private Network might be if you wanted to add extra security to your site’s database. You could have two database servers without access to the internet. They would replicate between themselves. These databases could then be linked to a web server. Only the web server would have internet access, making the contents of your database more secure.

The fast 1 Gbps connection between servers will be private and there are no limits on bandwidth.

VPS Private Network

VPS private network
VPS load balancing

VPS Load Balancing

VPS load balancing

Distribute traffic across multiple servers to create better-performing, more robust infrastructure for any HTTP or TCP application. 20i’s VPS Load Balancing uses the same technologies proven on 20i’s shared hosting platform. With built-in health monitoring, our load balancers can be configured to monitor how well your VPS are handling traffic and only route requests to healthy servers.

It’s highly available, with no single point of failure. Scaling is automatic – using Active-Active software-driven load balancers - so they can handle peaks of hundreds of thousands of requests.

It’s managed by our team so you don’t have to worry about managing a load balancing server. Get enterprise-level load balancing for £9.99/month – it’s activated instantly.

VPS: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find answers to some frequently asked questions about VPS:

What is a VPS?

A virtual private server (VPS) is a way of hosting files and apps in a data centre. Like a dedicated server, it gives you your own resources: processors, memory and storage.

It’s different to a dedicated server in that you do not ‘own’ a specific piece of hardware. Instead, portions of a physical server are allocated to different users. Whatever these other users do, it can't affect your VPS performance. It’s an isolated private environment for your own use.

A VPS is different to shared hosting in that you are guaranteed hosting resources and you’re free to install any software. You choose these resources when you buy a VPS.

By default, an Unmanaged VPS won’t come with a control panel to manage your sites or applications, but you can install one. Our range of Managed VPS come with the bespoke My20i control panel which is perfect for managing your VPS and websites. You can also order cPanel for your Unmanaged VPS.

We manage the hardware and network that the VPS uses. We don’t manage the security, software or updates on the VPS itself - that will be your responsibility. We’d recommend an Unmanaged VPS if you’re confident with server management. If you require technical support and advice, then we’d recommend one of our Managed VPS.

Yes, our VPS plans are scalable and can be upgraded at any time. There’s no downtime when upgrading and it’s as simple as a click of a button from your VPS management area.

Each VPS comes with one free dedicated IP address. If you need more IP addresses, these can be purchased from within your VPS management area.

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