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What makes us tick

Our Platform

Autoscaling Cloud Hosting Platform

Advanced technology that keeps your site online. All the time.

Built by 20i

Built by 20i

Our cloud hosting platform has been designed from the ground up to meet the demand of modern web sites. Completely scalable, all our customers benefit when we add more resources to the 20i Cloud.

Load Balancing

Load Balancing and Health Checking

The platform automatically detects surges of traffic or periods of heavy load and will scale and rebalance automatically over its dedicated 10Gbits network. Additional compute power is kept in reserve should it be needed.


No Single Point of Failure

From a hardware point of view, you won’t find a single point of failure in our design, and we’re using some of the best hardware in the industry thanks to our partners at Dell.

No performance issues

Other Users won’t affect you

Most other shared hosting platforms suffer performance issues when one users site gets very busy or runs an inefficient script. At 20i we scale up resources on demand meaning that other websites will not degrade your performance.


Dual Octa-core Processors

Our Webservers have two Octa-core Processors with Hyper-threading to give 32 logical cores per machine and 64GB DDR4 memory. Any of our web servers can serve any website we host, everything is load balanced.

Data Security

Data Security and Backup

Layers of security not just physically but at every layer of our platform. Our storage platform is resilient to the level that whole storage servers and disks can fail with no downtime. As you would expect we take backups every day to an offsite facility.

We created the industry's first Reseller Hosting Package and we have continued to develop and improve this into the best white-label solution available today.

SSD as Standard

Blazing Fast Disk Performance for Your Website

100% SSD Storage

100% SSD Storage

Other hosting companies simply don’t want to invest in SSD storage arrays due to the increased cost. At 20i we see it as essential to deliver the fastest possible website speed. All your website files are stored on a 100% SSD storage array at 20i.


Your Website is Only as Fast as Your Database

No matter how fast your web server and storage is your site can only operate as fast as the database server it connects to. That’s why all our MySQL databases are hosted on dedicated 32 core servers with 128GB RAM and SSD storage. What’s more we use database professionals to fine-tune our platform to deliver the very best performance.

Every one of our MySQL and storage nodes are connected independently to our network core at 10Gbit/s and we replicate all of this to an identical setup for redundancy.

Designed and built exclusively for WordPress

We’ve taken the knowledge and experience from our powerful auto scaling cloud hosting platform to build a truly incredible, super-fast and super-secure platform tuned just for WordPress.

Build Relationships

Trusted By Millions

WordPress powers over 75 million websites and is the go-to solution for designers, developers and customers the world-over. We know you love how easy it is to update, customise and deploy.


Site speed is now more important than ever. That’s why our WordPress platform sits behind a pre-configured NGINX edge cache system that ensures the quickest response to your end users. For the advanced users, you can manage the cache content using our StackCache interface inside WordPress.


Having the latest version of WordPress’ core is important not only for security but also speed, that’s why we automatically patch and update your install as soon as it’s available. All sites on our WordPress platform are also behind a custom built Web Application Firewall that is watching over your site and filtering out evil requests before they can even reach your site. To avoid abuse through plugins, we are constantly monitoring for and will block any plugins that put your site at risk.

The Technical Bits

The Technical Bits

Platform to software exclusivity gives us the ability to truly fine tune the performance around the software. For WordPress, we’ve given each site its own PHP-FPM resource pool which is running the latest and fastest PHP 7 software with an inbuilt OPCache. OPCache ensures the quickest possible execution time by storing WordPress code in memory - removing the need to load and parse scripts on each request. Alongside this, MySQL resources are pooled and fine-tuned to WordPress ensuring the best query execution time possible.

We guarantee your WordPress site will truly fly no matter how many visitors you have!

WordPress StackCache Plugin

Our exclusive StackCache plugin is built into the WordPress Admin Panel of every install. Our plugin helps take the headache away from having to managing multiple caching layers, whilst still giving you complete control over our edge cache systems from a familiar admin interface:


Customisable Cache Expiry

You can control how long our edge caches will keep both static and dynamic resource in their cache. For example, set images to be cached for a day but CSS/JavaScript for just a few hours but allow the actual HTML content of posts to be cached for a week! Whether you want to cache for minutes, hours or days, you’re put in control.

Automatic Stale Content Detection

Our plugin will automatically hook into every post - whether the post is being created, updated or deleted, our front end cache servers are notified and will purge any cached content on demand, without any additional work from the logged in user. This allows you to set naturally high cache expiry times with the piece of mind that if changes are made, they’ll be re-fetched without a performance penalty.

URL Exclusion

Occasionally there’s content you may never want to be served from a cache, so StackCache allows you to provide a list of URLs to permanently exclude. For the more advanced users, we take URLs as a regex to give you ultimate flexibility.

Manual Cache Purge

Rolled out an emergency JavaScript or image change and seeing cached content? No problem: You're a single click away from a cache purge request which will ask all edge cache to refill with your latest content.

If you think a regular hosting package with WordPress installed is good enough then think again.

Google-based DNS Platform

Bullet proof DNS optimises response times and stops attacks

Google DNS

DNS translates requests for domain names into an IP address which is needed in order to route you to the network and servers responsible for the website at that domain. It’s such an essential component of the internet and it’s critical that all requests are answered quickly and reliably.

To meet this demand, we’ve built our entire DNS platform on the same infrastructure as Google. Google’s global fibre network ensures quick and stable response times and allows us to continue to scale to handle a huge number of queries instantly.

Take advantage of our white-label Virtual Name Servers as a 20i Reseller and offer this rock solid, cutting edge DNS solution under your own brand.

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