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Success stories from featured users of 20i web hosting.

A busy web designer using 20i Reseller Hosting in his sole trader digital agency.

​Will needed a hosting reseller who ‘got’ the business.

“Any web designer/developer that does not offer resold hosting to their client base is leaving potentially business-changing revenue on the table.” - Will Azzoug

Featured customer: A9K SYSTEMS
Featured customer: A9K SYSTEMS
The web designer who also became a web host.

Website Design USA has a design business and a separate web hosting website too.

“They are at the top of the list in terms of innovation and their price-point on their reseller hosting is amazing. I have integrated 20i’s servers and domains directly into my website, so that my customers get the best hosting available, as well as they can purchase affordable domains.”

- Heath Arsenault

Featured customer: WEBSITE DESIGN USA
Featured customer: WEBSITE DESIGN USA
The web designers working on both sides of the world

​PIT Designs have offices in Erbil, Iraq and Melbourne, Australia.

“We appreciate the fact that the 20i team seems to be always focused on delivering system upgrades and improvements.” - Ninos Hozaya

Featured customer: PIT DESIGNS
Featured customer: PIT DESIGNS
The one-stop web team who needed a partner

​Function28 needed a company to partner-with to move their digital business forward.

“The packages available are really well thought out and easy for us to present to our clients. The services are very cost effective but by a golden mile the support and help provided by the support team is absolutely outstanding and leaves all competitors very much in the shade.” - Russell Murch

Featured customer: FUNCTION28
Featured customer: FUNCTION28
 Crisp Digital
The digital agency who needed better value and better support

​Crisp Digital use 20i Reseller Hosting to manage website and domain packages for their clients.

“After using 20i for some time now, we have been impressed with the ease of use and quick responses from the 20i team.” - Matt Crisp

Featured customer: Crisp Digital
Featured customer: Crisp Digital
The fan site that needs to be able to deal with large spikes in traffic

Eurovoix is a site dedicated to Eurovision news. They needed a hosting platform that could deal with big spikes in traffic around the time of the contest.

“If our hosting couldn’t handle the traffic going to the site we would be losing readers and potential new audience at the time when people are most interested.” – Darren Frazer

Featured customer: Eurovoix
Featured customer: Eurovoix
 Roseblade Media
The full service marketing agency who needed a host they can rely on

Roseblade Media is a Google Partner who needed reliable uptime, fast customer service, and an API to integrate with their other services.

“We’re working on integrating 20i into a custom-built client control panel which also ties into our accounting software, so it gives our clients one central viewpoint of all their billing, hosting and domain management.” – Mathew Parker

Featured customer: Roseblade Media
Featured customer: Roseblade Media
 Worcester Web Studio
A full service digital agency where 20i is the go-to platform

Worcester Web Studio came to 20i for the free SSL certificates, but remain with us for all the other features.

“We found a whole host of other benefits that allowed us to offer a massively-increased service to our clients while maintaining the same costs.” - Ray Gillespie

Featured customer: Worcester Web Studio
Featured customer: Worcester Web Studio
 Evans Creative
The freelancer who saves both time and money

Chris from Evans Creative was frustrated with his current host’s slow performance so came to 20i to improve his WordPress hosting for himself and his clients.

“The 20i team were VERY patient with me and sorted any issues I had caused, even teaching me a few things along the way – and the speed at which the team get back to you knocked my socks off!” - Chris Evans

Featured customer: Evans Creative
Featured customer: Evans Creative
 Outdoor Ceremonies
An online directory likes how user-friendly we are

A directory business like Outdoor Ceremonies needs to put user experience first. That’s why they came to 20i.

“We’re really pleased with the site’s performance under 20i, and we’ve been particularly impressed by the great customer service we’ve received.” - Sophie Easton

Featured customer: Outdoor Ceremonies
Featured customer: Outdoor Ceremonies
 Avid Panda
A digital marketing agency appreciates the personal touch from a large company

Avid Panda uses our fast web hosting to impress their clients, but are also pleased with the quality of our support.

“At first, I was skeptical of moving away from cPanel but as the new features kept piling-onto StackCP and our tasks of managing client websites became easier I knew we had made the right choice.” - Alexander Johnson

Featured customer: Avid Panda
Featured customer: Avid Panda
 Pro Website Guide
A WordPress training company thought it seemed too good to be true

ProWebsiteGuide uses HostShop to offer web hosting at a discount to their course attendees.

“Being able to create unlimited staging websites makes my WordPress training very easy. Every attendee can have their own blank install of WordPress to start from scratch, then when they are ready to make their website live they can do so by the touch of a button.” - Jessica Thomas

Featured customer: Pro Website Guide
Featured customer: Pro Website Guide
 Studio 44
An award-winning digital agency sees performance improvements

Studio44 makes use of 20i’s unlimited Reseller Hosting for their clients’ websites.

“Since switching to 20i we have seen the speed of client websites improving and have been incredibly impressed with the level of service from 20i with support requests answered extremely quickly.” - Doug Rubashow

Featured customer: Studio 44
Featured customer: Studio 44

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